fredag 18 juni 2010

Fish in Mörrum

A feature that is new to me is a short video clip of the Salmon and sea trout moving up the fish counter in Mörrumsån... nice to see fish moving!

torsdag 20 maj 2010

Fish and politics

EU is a fairly big part of sea fishing - worldwide.
And if you are interested in the progress of reforming fishing politics they (hopefully) do! se and read some more at

The site is started by Swedish journalist and present member of the EU fisheies committee, Isabella Lövin

fredag 7 maj 2010

Salmon paradise near home

15 minutes drive from home (if traffic is pleasant) a little peace of paradise is hiding! Säveån was as nice as I had thought – if not even better. It is a fairly small river and in summertime I think my 13,7 rod will bee a bit to much... but this wonderful place, I gladly fish on a single hand rod instead.
It is in the beginning of its season, witch started may first! Maybe kelts already has moved downstream and maybe spring fish is on their way but today there was no signs of fish!
This is a river close to the city and is well worth a visit – if not for salmon fishing at least for the wonderful nature surrounding the river! I will probably return soon!

tisdag 4 maj 2010

Time to go fishing again.

Last weekend I did not go fishing at all, first weekend this season with no fishing... I thought I should try a new stream today instead. Since I live in Göteborg the closest stream I have is river Säveån! This river is producing fairly big fish and in 2005 a salmon at 17,64 kg were caught by fly and fly rod, biggest rod caught so far!

I have been told this beat is a green oasis close to the city but I haven't had the opportunity to fish it before. The beat is not producing a lot of fish and I have therefore spent most of my time fishing in rivers with a bigger number of landed fish. Today however I just feel like fishing and this is close to home!

fredag 30 april 2010


As I was out fishing river Mörrum this week I finally managed to land a fish! Kelts, but still the first once for me! The road to hook and land has been long. Hope has come and past, fishing trips has been measured in lost flies, good casts and recreation. I have probably spent as much time tying new and exiting flies as I have been out using them. Now that the first fish is landed I think about all this time I have spent not catching fish! Has it been a waste of time? Some times I have been fairly confident that my days fishing for salmon was getting close to expiration date, I honestly don´t know why I kept on trying. And it did cross my mind that this season might be the last... then maybe I would go back to fishing for trout instead.

I am struggling to put words on what these fish mean to me, but the first fish was not a pleasure! I didn't enjoy it at all actually, there has been so much time invested into landing that first fish, I just felt a lot of pressure instead. When that first one was landed and released I sat down and felt the calm spring breeze, I saw a pair of geese cruising at the far bank and it felt like all the birds in the forest were singing and celebrating, celebrating the arrival of spring. Spring really came fast this year, even though it was a hard winter. Wood anemone is filling the space between the trees and birch leafs is starting to make the forest green once again. I took my rod, put a new hook on my tippet and again put my fly into the stream. I was fishing my way downstream and after a while I started to feel rather content, I was enjoying fishing again! About an hour after the first fish I felt the weight of another fish on my fly. This fish was fighting harder and so was I! I managed to land it myself and it took the same fly as the first one. Both fish where about 90 cm and I hope to meet them again some time in the future!

måndag 26 april 2010


When I woke up Sunday morning I was really tired, a friend of mine is getting married and this Saturday there was a small bachelor party... anyway I got to the river as the sun was shining and almost no wind. I think that because I was a bit tired I was probably more relaxed while casting and it felt really good! We where mostly fishing a place called fajan, a good place when fish is coming up at spring. This is also where the 9,5 kg fish where caught earlier. I was fishing with a sink 1/2 with fairly big flies, still I got stuck in the bottom several times. Maybe its time to use a line that is fishing a little less deep, I lost no more than one fly but most of my hooks got badly beaten... need some more! Me and my fishing buddy where fishing Ätran last Sunday and now it´s obvious spring is coming fast, soon nature is green again and it will bee nice to rest in the growing grass looking up in the trees.
A good fish was caught later in the afternoon on Sunday, a 12 kg and 114 cm, biggest so far this season!
Hopefully this week will be a good one! I will fish (just a few hours) in Mörrumsån this week and it seems as fishing has been good so far this season.

fredag 23 april 2010

weekend fishing

This week has not contained as much fishing as I would like... but a trip to Ätran is planned on Sunday. Earlier this week a spring salmon was caught on a fly and that was the third fish landed this season (first one for fly fishing), maybe a few more will be caught this weekend. Temperature is rising slowly and water level keeps dropping. Sunshine is expected and it will bee a nice day to lay a cast into salmon water!

This season has started in a good way on the west coast and in river Lagan (40 km south of river Ätran) a sea trout at 8,45 kg and 87 cm was caught this week! This is a fairly big fish to bee caught at the west coast! Promising!